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Royal Oak Extra Wide 51" Wallpaper

SKU: Lewis & Wood - Royal Oak - Aquatint

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Product Information:

This wonderful design was commissioned from Andrew Davidson, wood engraver extraordinaire. Famous for many Royal Mail stamp collections and the pig engravings on Waitrose sausage packets, his skills have transferred beautifully to the discipline of pattern-making.

What started out as a small wood engraving, featuring the spire of St Mary's, Tetbury has been blown up to fill the width of wallpaper and fabric with an original English toile.  We can print the wallpaper for your specific wall heights which saves on wasteage and cost - email your wall measurements and we can send a quote.

Yard width: 53.94"                    Yard length: 36" 

Pattern repeat: 29.53"              Design match: Half drop

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Shipping costs are displayed at checked. For example:

1 roll or 1 yard: $60

2 rolls or 2 yards or 1 cushion: $70

3 rolls or 3 yards: $80

4 rolls or 4 yards or 2 cushions: $90