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Sika Extra Wide 51" Wallpaper

SKU: Lewis & Wood - Sika - Sandalwood

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Product Information:

SIKA is one of two glorious wallpapers designed for us by muralist Flora Roberts for our English Ethnic collection. It was also our first A & B panel wallcovering with each panel 113cm wide to make a 2.22m horizontal repeat.

It can be scaled up or down to fit any wall and is a stunner for hallways, dining rooms and focus walls. We can print the wallpaper for your specific wall heights which saves on wasteage and cost - email your wall measurements and we can send a quote.

Yard width: 44.49"                 Yard length: 36" 

Pattern repeat: NA                Design match: NA

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Delivery typically within 3 - 7 days.

Shipping costs are displayed at checked. For example:

1 roll or 1 yard: $60

2 rolls or 2 yards or 1 cushion: $70

3 rolls or 3 yards: $80

4 rolls or 4 yards or 2 cushions: $90